P+R: easy travelling and parking

The P+R car parks in the Greater Schiphol area mean that you can conveniently park your car before continuing your journey by public transport or a shared bicycle. P+R (which stands for ‘Park and Ride’) is cheap, sustainable and always nearby. Parking takes place just outside the city and the journey then continues by public […]

Exercise during peak hours with rush-hour fitness

For fit employees and an accessible region Rush-hour fitness is an accessible and attractive incentive for employees to travel outside the rush hour. And it contributes to their physical fitness as well! This initiative is good for your employees, good for your company, and a big plus for the region’s accessibility. Interested in making this promotion accessible […]

Facilitate ride-sharing for your colleagues

Possibly, your employees are keen to make sustainable commuting choices. Nevertheless, cycling or public transport is not a suitable alternative for all employees. But ride-sharing by car might be! As an employer you can facilitate this by subscribing to Toogethr. Toogethr is a ride-sharing app that matches your employees with other Schiphol colleagues and takes away […]