Making the Schiphol area more accessible and liveable by making travel smarter, more flexible and more sustainable

Mobility scan for employers: insight into your mobility potential

Is your organisation keen to launch a new mobility policy? Our interactive mobility scan is the ideal starting point. This will give you direct insight into the commuting behavior of your employees. Insights which you can use when making a new policy, to save expenses and reduce CO2 emissions. You will learn about opportunities when it comes to working from home, public transport, electric cars and (e-)bikes.

The scan helps you answer questions like:

  • How much CO2 can we reduce if employees that work within 5 km biking distance, travel to work by bike? What about 10 km? Or 15 km?
  • What do we win when it comes to the vitality of our employees?
  • For which commuters public transport would be an acceptable alternative to the car?
  • For how many people would public transport become attractive if we start looking at train-bike combinations?
  • How much travel time and expenses do we save if all employees that travel over 30 minutes to work, would work from home an extra day in the week?
  • And how many working places and parking spots would we need?
  • Can we decrease the amount of lease cars?

All calculations are based upon the factual home-office distance, the exact amount of office days per employee, the most recent public transport timetables and anticipated realtime traffic jam. With this information, we help you in your first steps towards a suitable and sustainable mobility policy for your organisation. We give you direct insight into the effect of these solutions on your organisation. 

GDPR-proof mobility advice

We ensure you that only data is being used that cannot be traced back to individual persons. This way, personal data is protected. Organisations can use the anonymous data to their advantage when creating solutions that improve sustainability and contribute to a liveable region.

Getting started

The mobility scan starts off with a zipcode analysis. For this we need the zipcodes of your employees. With this we calculate the mobility potency of your organisation. Together with one of our mobility consultants, you will complete this analysis. It is also possible to fill it out on your own and send us the completed template via email. Send the template to en receive te outcome of the scan in your mailbox. Any other questions or ready to book an appointment? Drop us an email.

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